Don't Let Your Party Be a Snooze-Fest

Hire a local clown in Hancock, NY or surrounding areas

Clowns don't always get the best reputation nowadays, but they can be the life of the party and make any event absolutely unforgettable. If you're searching for family-friendly entertainment in the Hancock, NY area, Chee Chee The Clown offers premier entertainment services you won't want to pass up.

As your go-to local clown for Hancock, NY, and surrounding areas, Chee Chee is committed to turning frowns upside down with:

If you want to have a fun and interactive clown at your upcoming event, consider giving Chee Chee a call. You can reach us at 607-637-5633 to book unmatched entertainment services.

Enjoy a fun and interactive magic show

Looking to book a local entertainment magician in the Hancock, NY area? Chee Chee The Clown specializes in small-stage magic. Perfect for county fairs, church events and university events, Chee Chee can fill your crowd with laughs and gasps with each trick.

Chee Chee has plenty of experience performing at the following events:

  • Jefferson County Fair
  • Chenango County Fair
  • Chautauqua County Fair
  • Otsego County Fair
  • Delaware County Fair
Do you want Chee Chee to make an appearance at your next event? Connect with a local entertainment magician right away to work out the details.